Monday, October 3, 2011


As a product of socialist ideology, I was fully atheist or non religuous. I acted as translator and guide for westerners since 1988. And in the mid of the first decade of 2000 I started to receive requests from my clients to organize meeting with shaman(s). In that period of time I was absolutely pessimistic about revival of shamanism in Mongolia. It is because after absolute domination of lamaism (branch of Buddhism) over 300 years  and total clearing of communists until 1930's there was no trace of shamanism in Mongolia.
Thank to British musician, who studied overtune singing or throat singing in Western Mongolia, I involved in the process or became interested person in shamanism as he asked me to organize meeting with shaman. Actually he was interested in shaman through of his study of Mongolian throat singing (lately Chinese are pretending for ownership of this art) and playing on horse peddle instrument. So while translating his interviewing with shaman I started to realize that it was possible to reviving shamanism back in Mongolia.
As it happens everywhere in the world, revival of shamanism in Mongolia is followed by charlatans. Only this fact is making shadow on revival of shamanism in right way.

Mirror or reflector of shamans, which is protecting shamans from evil or bad things. Also ancient Mongolian warriors used such mirror as a part of their ammunition. But we understand today that it was protection not only from arrows and pikes. Actually ancient warriors were shamans also. That is because always few Mongols survived and win over numerous and much more powerful opponents in the arena from Korea in East until Syria in the west and in Javan islands in the South until Hungary in North west.

Mouth harp is used for calling spirits
If you follow Chinese ancient chronicles or annals, you can find the historical episodes in which say that when Chinese regular army pursued ancient Huns (Xiongnu) called by them as Northern barbarians, the nomads could cause snow storms or heavy rains on Chinese soldiers then they could easily got over on them. That is fact left in Chinese chronicles like the fact of using cannon or artillery first Northern barbarians or our ancestors. It is another history.

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