Friday, October 7, 2011


Nomadism and freedom is inseparable. You can observe it from Mongolian horse behaviour. Actually they are feeding themselves in the steppe and mountain pasture. And they have to protect themselves also from wolves. That is the price of freedom.

Another feature of Mongolian horses is homesickness. Usually horses sold or separated from herd or home tend to go back. Because it herders have to tie together new horse with one of his own horses until adaptation or accepting new surround by new horse. It was case, one of Mongolian horses delivered to Vietnam during their war with Americans came back.passing thousands miles through rivers, channels,plantation, highways and settlements... In tradition of nomads, if lone horse or animal is making way through their pasture area they shouldn't capture or hunt down these lone animals struggling to their homeland or to their herds.

Horse spirit, Acrilic on canvas

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