Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lately it was made a lot of archaeological excavations in the burials of Hunns (sometimes they called Hunnu or Xionnu) on Mongolian territory. Also Mongols celebrated the 2200 years anniversary of Foundation of Hunn Empire in Central Asia as their descendants. Study in genes of Hunn people remains in their burial approved it but also showed interesting result that their genes now in the nations like evenks, tungus (mancurians) and hungarians besides mongols. So their genes widespread throughout Northern Asia until Central Europe.
Hunn princesses and queens looked like that. Impressive, isn't it?

How ancient Hunns looked like? In Chinese annals written that first Chinese Emperor Tsin Shi Huandy had his first success in battles against Northern barbarians after dressing his men like Hu (Hunn) people and training them just like nomads or Hunns. Also noted that the poems, melody of Hu people was in fashion then in palace of emperor besides nomads costumes. Indeed Chinese adopted nearly a dozen of musical instruments from Hunns. Among Mongols left long song (Chinese chronicles say that Hu people sang songs like howling of wolves) and overtune singing besides other heritages left by ancient nomads.

Rich archaeological findings helped in restoration of dresses of Hunns' chieftains, warriors and women. The Mongol Costumes ( could do this hard work. It is left just to thank them.

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