Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ger-Architectural Heritage left by Nomads

Ger or yurt is more and more popular in today's world. With appearing conglomerates or metropolises people are loosing their ties with nature. Consequently we are dependent from heated and sealed sphere and more and more fragile. Only way to escape from concrete jungles is having yurt or ger and to put it wherever you want outside big cities or towns while you are having time and mood for escaping from embrace of city. Or you can put it on the roof of house or in your garden to be able to hear birds and to observe starry night sky.

As I know aged Mongols, who are descendants of herders in cities and towns, prefer to spend their lives at least during summer months in gers. It is because all their organisms absorbs fresh air and energy together from surroundings.

I was able to visit Dutch ger producers in Chaam, Holland. Actually I met Mr. Maarten Stam, handy man mastered gers if not better than some Mongolian carpenters but not worse. I'm bringing here their words, which are illustrating yurts clearly and in short way 's Zomers lekker koel 's Winters lekker warm

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