Monday, April 18, 2011

Few Words more about Ger

The whole structure of yurt/ger is supporting constant air circulation while keeping the bottoms of yurt open in warm period. It means that you will be under refreshment or under non stop air stream.

Also we shouldn't forget the possibility to receive cosmic energy through the upper hole or top wheel of yurt. Especially shamans say that human needed to expose all time his head or brain to the sky for exchange of energy or information with Upper World.

You can see here the carcass of yurt adapted to harsh continental climatic changes of Central Asia. Round shape without corners helps yurts to keep stability during strong winds. When storm is too strong Mongols hang balance or heavy thing from the center of top wheel (toono). It helps standing yurts while storming.

City Mongols are using yurts while ceremonies or in emergency cases as supporting dwelling besides their apartments. I made these shoots among apartments of Ulaanbaatar city in the midst of cold December.

Probably for this family this yurt needed for cooking or residing extra guests or visitors while funeral. For them it was enough to erect this yurt half hour or probably less. You can see if you have a yurt or several yurts, you don't need to rent banquet room or restaurant.

 Indeed you can see in countryside Mongolia everywhere ger canteens and big ger restaurants in resorts.

After making fire in stove ger is becoming comfortable immediately. In this case you can see smoke from chimney, which means already comfort came in this yurt.

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